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The Role of Ring Beams in Glass Balustrade Installations on Rooftops


Introduction: Welcome to Simply Glass Balustrading, where your safety and design aspirations converge. In this comprehensive guide, we address a crucial question: should you plan for a ring beam when installing Channel Frameless Systems on the edge of a roof? Let’s delve into the considerations and industry insights to provide a more definitive answer.

    1. The Channel Frameless System and Its Allure:
      • The Channel Frameless System from Simply Glass Balustrading epitomizes sleek, modern design, making it a popular choice for both residential and commercial rooftop installations.


    1. The Importance of a Ring Beam:
      • Structural Support: A ring beam plays a pivotal role in providing structural support, particularly when fixing a glass balustrade channel directly to the brick wall.
      • Load Distribution: The ring beam aids in distributing external forces, such as wind loads and user weight, evenly across the structure, preventing localized stress points.
      • Waterproofing: Crucially, the ring beam, securely placed above the waterproofing layer, ensures that the integrity of the waterproof barrier is maintained.


    1. Direct Fixing to a Brick Wall:
      • While it’s possible to fix a glass balustrade channel directly to a brick wall without a ring beam, several factors must be carefully considered.
      • Structural Assessment: Prior to installation, a thorough structural assessment of the brick wall is necessary to evaluate its load-bearing capacity.
      • Proper Installation: Professional installers use appropriate anchors or fasteners, ensuring even distribution of loads and minimizing stress on the brick structure.
      • Waterproofing Measures: Adequate waterproofing measures, such as sealants and proper sealing, are implemented to safeguard against moisture infiltration.


    1. Industry Insights and Best Practices:
      • Professional Consultation: Engaging with structural engineers or experienced professionals in glass balustrade installations is strongly advised. Their expertise ensures adherence to industry best practices.
      • Adherence to Building Codes: The installation must comply with local building codes, specifying standards for structural fixings and safety regulations for glass balustrades.


  1. Conclusion: A Definitive Answer:
      • In the context of Channel Frameless Systems on the edge of a roof, planning for a ring beam is a prudent choice. This not only guarantees structural stability but also safeguards the waterproofing layer beneath the brick façade.
      • While direct fixing without a ring beam is possible under specific conditions, the added assurance of a ring beam ensures a long-lasting, secure, and compliant glass balustrade installation that aligns with the ethos of Simply Glass Balustrading.


Whether you prioritize aesthetic appeal or structural robustness, our commitment is to provide solutions that elevate your space. For personalized consultations and inquiries, reach out to us at Simply Glass Balustrading. Elevate with confidence and style!

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