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Exploring Simply Glass Balustrading’s Diverse Systems


Welcome to Simply Glass Balustrading, where innovation meets elegance in the realm of glass balustrade systems. In this blog, we’ll delve into the distinct offerings that define our commitment to quality and style. Whether you’re envisioning a frame-less haven or seeking a practical solution for your commercial space, our diverse systems cater to your unique needs. Let’s explore the features, benefits, and cost implications of each system to guide you toward the perfect choice.


  1. Spigot System – Uninterrupted Views, Solid Foundation:
          • Overview: Spigots, or ‘foot clamps,’ anchor the glass without the need for upright posts, ensuring uninterrupted panoramic views.
          • Materials: Solid 316 marine grade stainless steel for durability.
          • Features: No handrail required for a truly frame-less look, with optional glass-to-glass stiffeners for added safety.
          • Installation: Easy to install with no holes in the glass, making adjustments hassle-free.
          • Ideal Application: Perfect for patios, offering cost-effectiveness and resilience against water and debris building up at the bottom.

  1. Standoff Frame-less System – Minimalist Excellence:
          • Overview: Standoff fixings attach glass horizontally, providing a minimalist aesthetic.
          • Materials: Stainless steel buttons secure the glass to the structure.
          • Features: No need to drill through waterproof layers; suitable for narrow Juliette balconies.
          • Considerations: Installation from the exterior may require scaffolding or a lift.
          • Ideal Application: Ideal for parapet walls in flat roof spaces, offering a sleek and modern appearance.

  1. Channel Frame-less System – Clean Lines, Modern Class:
          • Overview: A ‘U’-shaped channel secures the glass, bringing clean design to any project.
          • Materials: Typically anodised silver aluminium channel, with an option for black at an additional cost.
          • Features: Versatile for domestic or commercial use, internal or external installations.
          • Considerations: Requires an adequate ‘ring beam’ for proper installation (strength and water ingress).
          • Ideal Application: Popular for balconies on the edges of roofs, providing a modern and classy touch.

  1. Post System – Commercial Appeal, Glass Gates:
          • Overview: Popular in commercial spaces, ideal for holiday chalets where glass gates are needed.
          • Materials: Stainless steel posts and handrails, with glass as a non-structural element.
          • Features: Thin, non-laminated glass saves on material costs; suitable for glass gates.
          • Considerations: Labour-intensive due to more stainless steel work.
          • Ideal Application: Well-suited for commercial projects where a combination of durability and aesthetics is essential.

As you embark on the journey of enhancing your space with Simply Glass Balustrading, consider the unique features and benefits of each system. To receive a personalised quote, fill in our online form, Click Here and let us guide you toward the perfect solution. Elevate your surroundings with our diverse range of glass balustrade systems – where innovation, style, and functionality converge for an unparalleled experience.


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