The system

Our simple system, supplied to you in kit form, provides everything you need to construct beautiful glass balustrades.  Perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications, our minimalist solution is designed to suit all projects. With no vertical posts or pillars, this is one of the most seamless solutions on the market.  The cut-to-size panels of 15mm safety glass are held securely in place by solid stainless steel spigots, while a simple rounded handrail slides onto the top of the glass with no special fixings required.

Above is an example of a CAD drawing you will receive from us once you send us your measurements. We charge a no-obligation £100 down-payment to produce your design in 3D CAD. This fee comes off your final price when you place an order.

Your bespoke balustrade kit will include:


1) Spigots
Solid brushed stainless steel spigots to anchor your glass to any surface, a cover plate hides the fixing screws;

2) Handrails
Rounded stainless steel handrails with adjustable corner joints, which slide snugly onto the top of your glass;

3) Glass panels
Cut-to-size safety glass to your exact dimensions, 12/15mm thick with no holes or special cuts required.

The kit will come with instructions to help you install the system. You will need someone with adequate DIY skills to install the balustrade. Complete ‘Supply & Fit’ services are available. Please contact us for a quotations.