Please browse this list of FAQs.  

If your query isn’t answered here, feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to advise.

It depends on the length, height and complexity of the balustrade. But we can guarantee a very competitive rate for all our balustrade designs.

We will send you simple instructions to help you install the balustrades. We suggest it’s a job for two competent DIY’ers.

Currently we only ship to the UK mainland. We are in the process of setting up international deliveries.

You can draw your sketch with the measurements on paper or computer.  The ‘Get a Quote’ form includes a button to attach your file. You should be as accurate as possible when making your measurements, ideally to within 5mm.  The maximum size of each panel is 1.8m, due to weight, strength testing and ease of fitting (a 1.8m length of 15mm toughened glass weighs 75kg).

Once your order has been placed we cannot guarantee that we can change it. Give us a call as there may be a chance it hasn’t been cut and picked yet. We always try to accommodate change requests where possible.

You can request 1 amendment to the 3D CAD drawing.  We usually find there are no changes to be made. Changes after this will become chargeable.

The CAD drawing is essentially free if an order is placed.  We ask for a £100 non-refundable, no-obligation deposit for your 3D CAD drawing which will be deducted from the final price if you decide to proceed with the order.

Yes you can, but we cannot guarantee the parts you will receive will fit our measurements. We hold no responsibility for any third party items.

You can just order the parts from us if you know what is needed, without paying for a 3D CAD illustration. But ordering a full kit will be an easier, cheaper and safer option – we do all the calculations to ensure you have all the components you need.

If the items have no defects we cannot replace them for free.  Glass is cut to size and is non-returnable.

We will discount on large orders as a matter of course. But you are welcome to discuss any large orders with us directly.

The current BCA requirements are that a balcony balustrade have the following attributes: –

  • The top of the railing must be least 1 metre (1100mm) from the ground.
  • Any opening must not allow a 100mm sphere (ie childs head) to pass through. So the vertical components must not be more than 100mm apart.
  • The gap between the balcony surface to the bottom rail must be no more than 100mm.
  • For balconies with a fall height of more than 4m there must not be any horizontal or near horizontal elements between 150mm and 760mm above the floor that facilitate climbing.
  • Rails on stairs must be 900mm vertically from each step.
  • The system must be strong enough to withstand 0.34 (for light domestic use) or 0.75Kj/m (for heavy traffic areas) when the force is applied to the top of the balustrade. Your balustrade from SimlyGlassBalustrading will exceed 0.75Kj/m.